How To Be Happy No Matter What

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present (Jim Rohn)
Happiness doesn’t depend on any external condition; it is governed by our mental attitude (Dale Carnegie)

What is Happiness?

Happiness is a strategy; one has to devise ways to remain happy. It is something that needs to be achieved rather than waiting for it as a gift from God. It is an effort; one has to grab every opportunity for staying near to happiness and away from sadness.

Happiness is about managing our relations and emotions. The very first step is to choose happiness and then comes to the strategies to manage to be happy.

How to Manage Happiness

It must start with the expression of gratitude, it is an appreciation, and one must show appreciation for life. A person may list down things for which he/she may be grateful for having in life; it reduces the convergence towards sadness. It relieves the feeling of despair and anger.

Secondly, there must be an attitude of forgiveness, holding on to something that hurts effects mentally and physically. The act of nurturing forgiveness brings positive energy and makes one happy.

Thirdly the most important of all is that money cannot buy happiness. People with fortune may be more depressed than an average earning person because if happiness comes from material things than many of the rich people are happier than any other person. Happiness is an achievement, an effort, that never comes from money.

Ways to be Happy

Friendship is an emotion many people are deprived of. Sadly in today’s world of individuality, our social connections have now become very materialistic. Freinds provide moral support in hard times. They are the source of reducing the feelings of stress and sadness up to zero level.

A person must engage in meaningful activities like playing with kids, helping people around, relaxation and yoga. It is not a matter of luck but of choice. A scientist has found that an exercise of 20 minutes can make you feel happy no matter how sad you are. Exercise raises the heartbeat and triggers good hormones that make the stress go away, and you gain control of things which might make you sad. While exercising, one can think over the matters that are bothering you and find solutions. When someone is happy just because of your effort, it will also make you happy, so help others.

Being positive about life is another way of being happy. Everything in this world is temporary so be optimistic that sadness will also fade and happiness is just around the corner. One must learn to love himself; he can act naturally and be comfortable with it.

One must be able to assume reps on silty of what is happening in their life instead of blaming others; he can focus to resolve them. It is our responsibility to make ourselves happy nobody else’s.