How To Be Super Confident

Confidence is the key to every success. The first step you have to take to achieve your goal is to face the world with confidence. Whether you’re going for a job interview or trying to approach your crush, or about to deliver a presentation, you got to be confident about the upcoming challenge, or your nervousness and lack of confidence can break the deal. So you know confidence is an essential element that everyone should carry to achieve their goals. But as simple as it sounds, it’s not something that can build overnight, it is a process on which you have to put your effort, and in the end, you’ll see that those were some very minor things that were keeping you from being super confident.

Body Language & Posture

Your body language and posture matters a lot because it’s the very first thing that people will notice in you. With a robust and powerful posture, people around you will perceive you as a confident and poised personality. Some tips to have a good posture:-

  • Relax your shoulders
  • Sit up straight and don’t slouch
  • Walk with your head up
  • Don’t cross your arms or legs
  • Do yoga to practice good posture
  • Make eye contact while talking

Think Good about Yourself

Sometimes, after a failure, many of us start thinking of ourselves as worthless, as we are disappointed in ourselves but that’s the worst thing that we do. We all know that this is not the end of the world; we have a life ahead of us and many chances to do it again. Look back at your accomplishments and repeat the mantra in your mind “I can do it” because you can.

Dealing with Criticism

Dealing with criticism has become a daily life thing so it’s about time that you should stop letting it affect your self-esteem. We all make mistakes and get criticized for it, but the thing you should learn to be super confident is to take negative criticism positively. Learn from your mistakes and use it as an advantage to build yourself stronger and more capable.

Don’t Fear People

For sure, people will try to intimidate you, but what you aren’t aware of with is that they are testing you and your confidence so prepare to talk, maintain eye contact and don’t show them your nervousness. Face them with confidence, fake it if you have to, and think of them as normal people, because indeed they are.

Dress Well & Smell Well

Your dressing can be your confidence. When we are dressed well, we automatically feel good about ourselves, and then we are more likely to be confident and energetic. And of course not to forget, a bad odor can bring down your whole confidence level so always make sure to smell nice.