How to Look Taller

From ages, men and women have been trying to get good looks but there are few things that just can’t be ignored. Many people have shorter heights and they wear heels to look taller. But fashion stylists have the answer to this problem by guiding shorter people for what to wear. These techniques are different for men and women. Let’s go through them in detail.

High Waist Bottoms

Women need to wear pants, jeans or bottoms that have a high waist that makes legs look longer with an appropriately tucked in top or blouse. Men need to avoid baggy and low waisted trousers.


Men and women need to wear V-necks which will make the neck look longer whereas round and boat necks lessen a few inches.

Monochrome Outfits

Monochrome outfits are those that are same in color. From top to bottom they create a vertical line without breaking the image as a whole from head to toe. It makes the height look a few inches longer. This applies to both men and women.

Maxi Dress or Skirts

Maxi dresses that touch your toes and clothes of such length also make you look longer. Wedges and heels may be chosen to wear with such clothing styles.

Vertical Stripes

Dresses with the print of vertical stripes will not only make you longer but slimmer as well. Horizontal stripes are the worst enemy for shorter people. Both men and women need to follow this technique.

Wear Color Blends

One may also match the color of heels with pants or jeans because it creates an illusion of vertical lines. Tan, brown and nude will also go with skin tone and make the legs look longer.


Medium and small sized bags will make your height appear taller.


Shorter men are required to wear short shirts. Long shirts will cut down the length of legs. This is same for short sleeves as well because it shortens the limbs making the overall look short.


Short to medium length hairstyle will also give a taller look. If one has long hair she may try to put a knot, a bumpy style or a high pony that will give an illusion of taller height. Men with short height also need to have short hair.

Few other tips like a well-fitted outfit with smaller prints will add to the height. Skirts and dresses with a slit that doesn’t have much layering and is a light weight fabric with a correct body posture will be a good illusion of looking taller.