Top 10 Female Celebrity Billionaires

Who is the richest of them all and how did they make so much money? Whether you love or hate the women in this list, they have all made the big time and they have the bucks to prove it. Some of them broke down barriers to make it in a world that was slowly changing, others have lived out our dreams on the big screen or helped to heal broken hearts with their songs. Here is our list of the top ten female celebrity billionaires. Alright only a few are actual billionaires but the rest certainly have enough money.

1. Madonna



The only one in this list with over a billion US Dollars as her net worth. In fact Madge is worth $1.1 billion. This female celebrity icon has only released 12 studio albums but has become a brand name from movies to perfumes, she is one of the most well-known celebrities across the world. Her career has spanned more than thirty years and a number of changes in the world.



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