Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Sport

It’s no coincidence that some of the top women in sport are also some of the sexiest people on earth. Having embraced their sporting talents, many gain confidence and panache, exploiting their good looks and using their natural abilities to market themselves and gain sponsorship. They aren’t all beautiful in a classic way, but here is a selection of the sexiest women in a variety of fields of sport, from different parts of the world. They all have passion for what they do, and a will to succeed. This clearly shines out, even though their sex appeal is not what makes them top of their various sports. After reading this article, also check: the most beautiful men in the world.

Christina Vukicevic

Christina Vukicevic

Once one of the hottest hurdlers in the business, Norwegian Christina Vukicevic – once romantically involved with javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen – is also one of the few really good looking athletes who hasn’t gone out of her way to exploit her sexuality. However she does support walking and running as the best ways to get fit. She says we should all run “with pride” and keep our shoulders down and back. Open up the chest and arms at 90 degrees and relax the wrists. If you can run fast, it’s important to lift your knees as high as possible and keep clamping both back and abdominal muscles. Those are just a few of her tips – and see what she looks like!

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