Weird Things that Guys find Secretly Attractive in Girls

Now wouldn’t that be so fantastic for all the girls if they knew what guys secretly find attractive in girls like that would take half of the worries of our life and makes it so much easier for us, right?

Most of the guys are quite secretive about this kind of stuff, maybe because of their ego. They find it hard to admit that little unintentionally done things by girls, such as the way she laughs or gets mad, or tell about the funny incidents, turns them on and they find it secretly attractive and cute.

After going through most of the guys’ point of views, we have listed down some weird things that men find secretly attractive in girls:-

1. The way she talks

Often some girls have a bit different style of narrating a story, telling about some funny stuff or a particular style of saying a phrase, which guys secretly find attractive and cute.

2. The Gym Freaks

A guy apparently doesn’t mind the woman who takes care of her body and herself. Maybe they would assure you that your figure doesn’t matter but trust me, it does. It does not mean that you go on the zero-size diet; eat equally but maintain your figure plus guys find those girls attractive who go to the gym on a daily basis.

3. When She Gives Him Attention

Every man craves for attention, and the girl has won half of his heart when she gives him that. However, it does not mean that you should start being clingy, just being considerate about small things, like making his favorite dinner or sending him a text that you miss him will brighten his day.

4. The Foodie Ones

You don’t have to pretend to eat less in front the guy because they don’t buy the act and likes the girls who are comfortable with their food. Yeah, it depends on the person too, but in my view, guys nowadays find those girls attractive who are natural in everything, including their food and it would be plus point if he’s a foodie too. Imagine going out on vacation and trying different food together; now wouldn’t that be goals!

5. The Ambitious Ones

Office outfit, boss lady manner, and the independent aura; yeah that attracts guys. But what more attracts them is the determination and ambitiousness. Girls you got to have more than just looking for a guy to attract him.

Extra Tips

• Smell good; guys get very much attracted to the pleasant smell of your body and even your hair. It would be such a turn off if you smell bad
• Don’t try too hard; just be natural and be yourself
• Don’t put too much makeup; it does not appeal to a guy