15 Surprising Health Benefits Of An Avocado Peel

After some decades of flourishing on fast foods, people these days are turning towards the healthy foods. The generation of millennial and their adults want to adapt to healthy lifestyles and as such more intake of vegetables and fruits has been vitally recorded.

When we talk about healthy, there isn’t anything more suitable for the word than the naturally growing fruits and vegetables. One of them is the planet’s most nutrition-packaged food, Avocado.

This alligator pear or the super food, as we now call it- is a fruit of the Avocado tree called Persea Americana. It definitely is a one of a kind because of its variety in shape; pear shape to round, color; ranging from a deathly dark green to simply black, and weight; 8 ounces to 3 pounds.
Everyone knows about the numerous benefits of Avocados and many know about the benefits of the seeds but there are only a few who are familiar with the benefits of an avocado’s peel.

Avocado’s peel benefits are similar to those of the flesh but they are more effective and they enhance the effects when you add peel to the fruit since the peel is more richer in beneficial plant chemical.

Here are 15 health benefits of Avocado peel.

  1. Avocado peel has twice more Anti-oxidants.

The peel of a avocado is the storehouse for nutrients and vitamins and it provides with a natural resistance from insects and pesticides. In an avocado there is a distribution of colors. Right in the middle it is ripe and yellow, then there is a light green flesh of avocado and in the end is the most important part of the Avocado; dark green. Studies have shown that the dark green part contains the vastest numbers of nutrients. The peel protects this part against diseases and chemicals that can harm the ripe inner fruit.
The contrast of nutrients between the amount present in peel and flesh fruit is as follow.

Nutrient Avocado Peel (100 g) Avocado Flesh (100 g)
Carotenoid 2.585 mg 0.815 mg
Phenolic compounds  679.0 mg 410.2 mg
Flavonoids 44.3 mg 21.9 mg