Countries You Should Add On Your Bucket List

We have heard people talking about touring some new countries, either from the stories they have heard about those places or from the pictures they have seen on the Internet. This article will tell you about the countries you should add on your bucket list.
Following are the countries of the world that people like to visit.

1. France

France, having its political importance in global politics also have attractions for tourists in the light of the Eiffel tower which is having one of the most pleasant sights. France’s fashion industry is famous worldwide, leading people to tour their fashion week and getting new fashion ideas from them. Moreover, its monuments like The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles and entertaining places e.g. Disneyland Paris, pubs and other party places are pretty much captivating to be added to your list of countries.

2. Spain

Spain, having a unique and different culture from all the European countries makes it a valuable country to be visited. Beaches and food are phenomenal. A very famous resort at the beach named Marbella is well known for its excellent sites to entertain you. Dance lovers must visit Seville to watch the traditional Spanish dance called Flamengo. Spanish clubs moves too hard when it comes to partying, so one must be prepared to party hard. Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona are popular for the viewing of sceneries that are eye-catching for the foreigners.

3. Italy

Italy being a country of important history has some of the most significant historical sites in the city of Rome which were once a huge empire that built its foundation on hundreds of thousands of slaves. Italy has ancient, and antique buildings which are the remains of the Roman Empire. Tourists do get attracted to these old ruins of the empire. Venice, the city that is built on water, seems a miracle to the people visiting it for the first time gives them an amusing sight to watch. The Italian fashion and cosmetics attract the female population of tourists.

4. Turkey

A country that is a part of two continent i.e. Asia and Europe is a country that has been through ups and downs. Turkey’s culture is a quick shift from the liberal side to the conservative side. Istanbul is a city of mosques. It has more than 400 mosques in this city with minarets around it. Its museums also play a vital role in its tourism.

5. U.A.E

Its city Dubai is known for its shopping malls and luxurious beaches that pull people from other countries. Many tourists visit Dubai every year for a lot of exciting activities.

Above mentioned countries are unique in their style and must be added to your bucket list