How Numerology Opened My Eyes

Posted by Helen Sealey, Columnist


When I was just a child, a lady told me that I was meant to be a humanitarian and that helping people will be a way of helping myself. Being just a child, I didn’t give it too much thought. It was about 5 years ago that I decided to start an NGO and my mom reminded me about that lady’s words who, apparently, was a numerologist. At that time, numerology was to me a concept as unknown as quantum physics. How can someone tell you so much about yourself just by knowing your birthday?

So I started looking into it. After days spent in the library (I like doing research the old-school way) I realized there is a whole world behind this numerology curtain, that I hadn’t been aware of my whole life. Being a very pragmatic person, I found it difficult to believe that something can be so terrifyingly true and accurate when it came to my own life.

I discovered that my life path number was 9. This all started to make sense to me. It suddenly hit me how precise the read is. I could not believe that something as simple as your birth date could have such an impact on your whole life.

The shock came one winter evening, when I was having a deep conversation with my husband about the meaning of numbers in our lives, especially number 9.

I started going through my emails, asking friends and relatives to refresh my memory in some matters, when I suddenly came to an astonishing conclusion: All the important things in my life (happy or unfortunate) were related to number 9. I had a car accident when I was 9, which left me with a hip injury; I was fired from a job I had for, believe it or not, 9 years, on – yes, you guessed – the 9th of March.

On the bright side, I realized that some of the most memorable moments of my life had something to do with number 9 as well. My daughter was born on the 9th of October; while my husband and I got married in September – the ninth month of the year. I could go on and on and on.


After going back as far as we could remember, my husband and I found ourselves absolutely exhausted and petrified, at 7 am in the morning, after trying for a whole night to put up the puzzle of my life. What we had found was beyond belief – ALL important events in my life had something to do with number 9, my life path number: University admission, the day I got my driving licence, my grandparents unfortunate deaths and so on.

I guess numerology has to be seen as a tool – used correctly, it can do wonders! It changed my perspective on life and it helped me understand myself, as well as overcoming my fears. It’s like some amazing secrets about yourself get revealed and you can use them to be in charge of your own life. I keep wondering how could I have lived 35 years without knowing about this? Had I known about it, would I have been able to change the way some things happened?

Numerology is all about being in charge of your destiny and I would advise anyone to start step by step, because it can be quite shocking to get so many “secrets” revealed at once. After all, it’s your own life, which you think you know best; but do you?

A good start would be to go online and find a trusted website like The reason I am recommending it is because, I used it myself recently and it gives you a free numerology reading that you can then build on. It’s a fully certified website and it’s the best way to start your self-discovery journey.

I’m always interested in finding out about other people’s experiences with this amazing mathematics of the Universe, so please feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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