Reasons Why Guys Do Not Have Empathy

This is something, which if you ask girls you will probably get same answers that their male partners, coworkers or colleagues don’t have empathy.

Men by nature are some heartless creatures. They lack feelings like sympathy and pain for others. Sometimes men develop such nature because they are brought up like that.

Men are simple creatures, by birth they have learned to hide their emotions, feelings, tears. It is because they have always been expected to do so. If a boy is upset about something no one for him asks or help him. This is the core reason that they develop this nature of not reaching out to someone to feel the pain and soothe him/her because they have never felt this way. No one bothers even to ask a guy if he is seen troubled.

Another reason why men are not empathetic is their thinking and male psyche; they think they are “MEN” and should be man enough to handle everything on their own without showing the world any weakness.

We cannot say that men don’t have hearts and they, on the whole, are cold beasts. They do feel like girls do. But can’t express, they lack this ability of expression, warmth, and love.

One problem is the fact that women want men to be empathetic the way they are, but men have much harder time processing those feelings. At an early age, they are taught to be strong headed and stoic, and they equate emotions with weakness. They think that emotional people are the weaker ones which actually according to the girls is not the case.

One of the reasons is they do not want to seem “emasculated “for caring about someone or something on a deeper level.
Talking about the scientific reason men use the left side of their brain where all the reasoning lies whereas women use the right side which is attributed to emotions. That’s is why women are very good with emotional expressions.

When it comes to relationships, women tend to have more intimate relations in their lives than men. Girls confide more with their friends about issues in a relationship, but boys don’t. The reason is the fear of being judged or look like a girl.They just don’t want to lose their manhood.

Men are ridiculed by other men if they are seen expressing softer emotions.One of the basic driving force for this “ phenomenon” is societal norms.Men and women display their emotion quite differently which is a lot of confusion since the emergence of this world but awareness about the reasons why guys are not empathetic can lead to more successful relations.