How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely

Do you feel left out when your friends are out in the wave, showing off their perfectly sculpted body to their heart’s content? Does going out for shopping make you depressed instead of feeling good about yourself? Have you been noticing changes in your significant other’s behavior lately and think that he is no longer attracted to you?

Weight issues can be very harsh. It can change the entire course of your life before you even realize it. But does that mean that all hope is lost? The answer is a decisive no. There is a solution to all your woes and can remove them from your lives as if they were never there. A new program has created a breakthrough, scientifically proven formula: The Venus Factor. This revolutionary combination has helped many women across the world lose excessive weight quickly and effectively. It has helped women go down twelve dress sizes in just five months. You can be the next one!

Effective for all types of bodies

Every woman has a different body type. There are around eight different types of body in women:

  • Straight
  • Pear bodywpid-picsart_1397847834214
  • Spoon body
  • Hour glass
  • Top hour glass body
  • Inverted triangle
  • Oval body
  • Diamond body

Each one of these body types tends to deposit weight differently. The extraordinary Venus Factor has the unique capability to eliminate excessive body fat in each of the above mentioned body types.

Problem areas for women

The particular areas of the female body where fat tends to get deposited, and permanently, so are:

  • Thunder thighs: The upper thighs of the female form tend to attract fat deposition almost instantly.
  • Saddlebags: Your hips are also the first to put on weight and the last to lose it.
  • Muffin tops: The butt also makes for a quick destination for all your fat cells to secure themselves in.
  • Flabby arms: The dorsal aspect of the upper arm tends to put on weight that cannot be gotten rid of easily.

If this weight keeps rising, well, it extends to the rest of the body, even the face.

Health and emotional implications of being overweight

The health hazards and emotional stress surrounding the issues of weight reduces your life to a pile of utter torment, leaving you with no dreams or desires.

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Reproductive issues
  • Low self esteem
  • Depression

How is men’s metabolism different from that of women?

The most frequent mistake that women make in pursuit of weight loss is that they employ diets and exercises designed for men. The pivotal thing to understand here is: how can you achieve weight loss through programs designed for men when your body physiology and biochemical functions are in stark contrast?

Scientific research has lead to concrete findings regarding differences in the function and concentration of the magical hormone Leptin that is responsible for carrying out fat metabolism in the body. Research has proven that women have twice the amount of Leptin in their bodies which is the good news when you want to lose some of that pesky weight. The bad news, though, is that your body is less responsive to the signal of this hormone as opposed to your male counterpart. This phenomenon is medically termed as Leptin Resistance.


This is where women go wrong. When you employ exercise regimes for men, you completely negate the way Leptin works inside your body. Moreover, what needs to be understood by women is that Leptin levels drop by twice their original percentage and very rapidly so, when you are on a non-productive diet. This is where you get stuck in a diet plateau and your weight does not seem to budge even an ounce. In addition to that, after you have finished with your adventures of fad dieting, Leptin makes your body’s metabolism permanently low causing a massive rebound in your overall weight.

Not only are you confounded with a rapid amount of weight gain again, you also end up with the issues of piles. Another thing that needs to be understood is that nature has given the female form such a mechanism that it generally tends to put on weight; therefore, providing ample nutrition and protection to the offspring. With all these factors combined, it is an acceptable fact that losing excess weight and keeping it at bay is a very difficult task altogether. So where are you supposed to look in the face of all these adverse conditions making you grow larger with every passing day? Look no further! The Venus Factor provides you with a safe and healthy retreat of back to being the beautiful you!

What can you do? Go into metabolic overdrive!

4773295396_d25a93370a_zBattle it out with all the fat heaps of your body with the Venus Factor to guide you. Accelerate your body’s metabolism with this scientifically proven formula that only makes you lose weight and does so in the healthiest way possible. You do not have to give up on your favorite foods or start any of those intense and unnecessary exercises.

What can it help you achieve?

A leaner and toned body which makes you be dauntless and confident enough to get that dress of your dreams. Now you never have to take a backseat when it comes to flaunting your body. Be vivacious with your new body and be sure to be the center of attraction, no matter where you go.

How the Venus Factor works?

a)    Mechanism:

The Venus factor works by accelerating your metabolism and utilizes your Leptin levels to achieve this. It does not harm your body in any way as other weight loss products do. You can enjoy a slimmer waistline without having to compromise on your health or bone density.

b)    Routine: Diet and exercise

A comprehensive diet plan that allows you to eat whatever you want at specific times of the day; is available, as well as instructions for the forms of exercise that will help you lose weight. This means you will no longer have any food cravings and do not have to deprive yourself of any culinary delights.

c)     Which conditions it works in?

This remarkable routine works for all women with little or no time to pay attention to themselves. Even if you have a thyroid condition, you should not be afraid. Our followers have shown tremendous weight loss even after having age old thyroid conditions. Even terrible genetics and a dreadfully slow metabolism will not hinder you from becoming the fabulous new you with the Venus Factor. You do not have to worry about fatigue and lack of energy, just a brand new, bright and chirpy you will emerge with the power of the Venus Factor!

Revolutionary Weight Loss System


Testimonials: shun those fears!

The Venus Factor has helped many women lose weight permanently in a very short amount of time.

imagesOur reader Adriana, 24 says,” I was so depressed after the birth of my first son.I just could not relate to my body. Thank God I found the Venus Factor. I have gone down four dress sizes in two months and I’m loving the new me!”

2612830Michelle, 38, says” I had completely lost the idea of living life to the fullest with my weight skyrocketing because of Cortisol issues. Now I have the Venus Factor making me healthier and more beautiful, with every passing day!”

Look no further for your weight concerns. Watch the video and unleash the magic of beauty in your life today!