Top 10 Beauty Secrets of the Stars

Have you ever wanted to have gorgeous hair and skin like your favourite celebrity? We all think that they must use beauty products that cost a fortune and are beyond the financial reach of most people. In reality a number of stars use beauty tricks that involve products that most people have in their kitchens. Here are the top 10 beauty secrets of some of the biggest stars in the world that you can use:

1. Grapeseed oil

Grapes - Greg Greg Harness

Grapes – Greg Greg Harness

Emma Stone uses grapeseed oil as an intense moisturiser. She puts on a thick layer at night to ensure that her skin glows in the morning. An extra tip is to warm the oil slightly which helps the oil to penetrate your skin with ease. Emma carries a small bottle of grapeseed oil on her at all times and puts a few drops on her face a few times every day.