Top 10 Celebrities That Are Bisexual

Not all celebrities are willing to talk openly about their sexuality when it doesn’t fit the strictly traditional bill recognized by society. Even homosexuals and lesbians are more likely to come out of the closet and admit their same-sex preferences. But when they are bisexual, and they swing both ways, there’s often even more taboo involved. At the same time, there are those celebrities that are bisexual who are not ashamed to admit this is the case. These are our top ten men and women …

1. David Bowie

Celebrities That Are Bisexual

Rockfile Radio Rock Files: Happy Birthday David Bowie. Photo:

The first of our top ten celebrities who has stated publicly he is bisexual, British musician David Bowie has been married twice, both times to women. Wife number one was Angie Bowie (born Mary Angela Barnett) to whom he was married from 1970 to 1980; and wife number two, super-model Iman, who he married in 1992, and is still married to. Known to deliberately shock people, Bowie has told interviewers that he is both gay (Melody Maker 1972) and bisexual (Playboy 1976). But he has also said that he should never have claimed to be bisexual because he was in fact “a closet heterosexual” (Rolling Stone 1983). In 2002 he confirmed that he was in fact bisexual but that the taboos in the US had made it difficult to live with.