Top 10 Celebrity Cheating Scandals

2. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Cheating Scandals

Ashton Kutcher Buys Demi Moore a Lexus, Divorce Still Coming. Photo:

UsWeekly is one of those mags that keep celebrity-cheating scandals in its headlines. Their story published on October 5, 2011 tells how Ashton Kutcher – married at the time to American actress Demi Moore, and 15 years younger than her – swung out with two young women in a San Diego hotel hot tub. The one woman was named as 22-year-old Sara Leal; the other, it has since been revealed, was the then girlfriend of The Longest Ride star, Scott Eastwood. What made it even harder for the then 48-year-old Demi to swallow was it happened on their sixth wedding anniversary. They were divorced two years later.