Top 10 Celebrity Friendships

Celebrities are people too, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that lots and lots of them celebs have friends who are also celebs. Really, all it means is that like you and me, they’ve met someone they like who has lots in common with them. Sometimes celebrity friendships are born when two talented people find themselves performing together, on other occasions BFF relationships are founded simply after rubbing shoulders together somewhere.

Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss

Celebrity Friendships

Is Taylor Swift Secretly Dating Karlie Kloss? Photo:

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are “best friends forever” they say, even though the singer and Victoria’s Secret (VS) model have only known each other since 2013. They met at a fashion show where Karlie stunned the audience walking the runway in gorgeous pink underwear donning huge psychedelic wings, and Taylor sang with Fall Out Boy. Then last year the pair walked down another VS runway both wearing black lace undies. The question is, how long is forever for this and other celebrity friendships?