Top 10 Foods For Full Lips

If you would like to have full lips to give you a sexy pout, there are a number of natural and budget friendly options available. There is some scientific evidence that eating certain foods can alter or enhance your appearance. You can really eat your way to naturally fuller lips by eating a combination of the foods mentioned in this article on a regular basis. Experiment and find the right combination of foods for the results that you desire. No injections or surgery required.

1. Lemons

Chiots run - Meyers lemon

Chiots run – Meyers lemon

The acid in lemons causes a mild burning sensation on your lips which can give them a fuller appearance. You can achieve this by eating lemon segments. Enhance the effect by brushing the lemon across your lips before eating the fruit. The vitamin C in the lemon is known to help your skin to maintain a youthful appearance which will make your lips look fuller.