Top 10 Foods That Cause Bloating

Bloating is the result of excess gas in the stomach and it can make you feel uncomfortable or make it difficult to fit into your favourite jeans. Science has proved that certain foods are more likely to cause bloating and these are generally the foods that cause excess gas. If you have constant and painful bloating you should see a Doctor as it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Whatever your reason for wanting to avoid bloating here are the top ten foods to avoid to ensure that you keep a slim profile:

1. Spicy foods

spice - clyde robinson

spice – clyde robinson

These foods have been shown to irritate the stomach lining which causes an extreme build-up of stomach acids. Stomach acids cause gas and bloating. Examples would be curry, chilli powder, onions and pepper. Avoid curries, tacos and other Mexican or Indian dishes. Make your own curry at home or order a mild version of the dish and ask them to leave out the onions and garlic.



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