Top 10 Secrets Men Hide From Their Women

It’s no secret that many people, including the most honorable men, lie and keep secrets. But what can be hugely disconcerting to women is that their male partners are commonly less than truthful in their relationships. It isn’t usually that they want to hurt the women they love, rather that the secrets men hide are more likely to hurt their woman if they found out! Secrets that men commonly hide from their women relate to finances, body image, sexual prowess, qualifications and work achievements, as well as things that relate to their ex-partners, which may be good or bad. If you are tired of your man having too many secrets, check our article about countries with the most beautiful men.

1. Information About Ex-Partners

Secrets Men Hide

Men’s Secrets PHOTO: Aaron Amat

While many couples do share information about their ex-partners, this doesn’t always help a relationship. The reasons for this are varied, ranging from bad choices in the past, to relationships with people a new partner might be jealous of, or perceive as “better.” For instance if a man starts dating a woman who is plain and plumb, he’s unlikely to want to talk about a previously beautiful partner who was a successful model, even if she turned out to be a less-than-great companion. Similarly, sharing the fact that a previous partner was a cheat would likely be something a man would want to hide.