Top 10 Weirdest Fashion Items

Fashion items are usually trendy, but not always. Some people choose unusual fashion items to make a statement and ensure they stand out in a crowd. So we hunted down some of the weirdest fashion items. They range from designer jewelry and clothing, to devices that are useful, but that have been created to look like a fashion accessory. Some items are considerably more expensive than others, like the botox handbags featured in #1, that seem to appeal to international celebrities. Some weird fashion items will be easier to find than others.

1. Botox Handbags

Weirdest Fashion Items

Botox Handbags. PHOTO: Mauro Orietti-Carella

Well known for using unconventional technologies to make unusual fashion items, Milan-based designer, Mauro Orietti-Carella has produced a range of Botox handbags. A former dermatologist, he experimented with exotic skins including crocodile (which is highly favored as a leather for upmarket handbags), ostrich and python, and found that injecting the skins with silicone improved their quality. The leather becomes softer, and the colors also seem to become more vibrant. It’s a weird idea, but the items he has produced are a hit with celebrities, especially the handbags that are coated with a layer of silver and 18-carat gold dust.